Investigator Initiated Studies are research studies initiated and managed by individual Investigators, Institutions, Collaborative Study Groups or Cooperative Groups. An Investigator Initiated Study is a research effort in which the Physician initiates, designs and implements the study. ARI is currently in discussions with pharmaceutical companies to enable Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) by providing grants to clinicians. Many companies support the study with technical assistance, funding and drugs if required.

Such trials are more scientifically satisfying as the Investigator is probably trying to address some pertinent and current problem the answer to which has the potential to help a large number of patients and no financial/materialistic gains are possible.

The clinician driven research studies may get support from the pharma companies to enhance current technology/clinical practice. With the clinical expertise and experience, the Apollo Investigators have been conducting Investigator driven research studies in many therapeutic disciplines across several Apollo centres Pan India.

In ARI’s effort to increase Clinician participation in Research, Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) Program was launched in ARI about 7-8 years back. The IIS program aspires to enable achieving many add on values. ARI acts not just as a site for the study, but also support them with structured framework to realize clinician ideas into funded research projects, data validation, statistical analysis, report writing, publications, visibility, etc. required for the study.