Grab you grant initiative was started by ARI in May 2017, the idea behind inception of this initiative was to bridge the gap between doctors who have an idea for research and the funding available for them by different granting organization. As part of the initiative, ARI team has curated and created a list of 82 grants for the initial year (2017) and updating it on monthly basis, relevant to our doctors. The aim is to share each of these grants with our 6000+ clinicians and handhold those interested, in applying for these grants.

The first grant shared with the doctors was the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) by BIRAC in the month of May, 2017. Since its inception to 2019 we`ve received 2 BIG grants and incubated the companies.

Under the Grab your Grants initiative we are sharing upcoming grants along with driving the initiative to support ideas with technical assistance for all the available grants.